dreamstime_xl_17610115It’s been over two years since Apple announced that they’d reached a billion podcast subscriptions. Those subscriptions were spread across 250,000 different podcasts, and it’s estimated that one-in-three people in America have listened to a podcast.

Podcasting has grown even more in popularity in the last couple of years, and many of them have started making legitimate money. And when something starts making money, it’s a business…which means those who take it most seriously are the ones who will thrive.

One way to improve the way your podcast works is to have each one typed out with an online transcription service. When you transcribe audio to text there are some very distinct advantages.

You’re improving your SEO: If you have your podcast on your website, you’re not going to be able to get a lot of search engine optimization accompanying it. You might give a general overview of what topics are covered, but it’s unlikely you’ll cover everything. If you post a transcript under the audio, then you’re adding considerable text to the page, something that search engines like.

If you don’t have transcriptions and you’re doing a movie podcast about Brad Pitt movies, your introductory paragraph might only mention Brad Pitt. But once you post the transcription, the title of every movie you mention and every actor who worked with Pitt becomes part of your SEO.

You’re improving your personal reference: During a podcast about three months back, you made a really good joke…but all you can remember is that it involved a steamboat. You could spend hours and hours scanning old episodes trying to find it, or you could search for the word “steamboat” in the Word files provided by our transcription service. The faster you can reference material in the old episodes, the more time you’ll have to work on the new ones.

You’ll Get More Fan Interaction: The podcast “How Did This Get Made” often plays compilations put together by fans, clips culled from more than 100 episodes. If the fans have easy reference to the show via online transcription, they’re more likely to create their own clip compilations. And more fan interaction leads to a stronger base of listeners.

Online transcription is easy…just send us your podcast, we’ll transcribe it to a Word file, and you can pay online. It’s an amazing reference tool that will save you time and help your podcast’s website get more attention. Give it a try!