Radio and Broadcast Transcription

In today’s commercial framework radio and broadcast transcriptions are in demand.  In part, they help organizations in making decisions that affect profitability and ensures better performances through quality output. Transcripts are a key instrument in giving lectures or speeches a textual base from which to edit.

We Support Most Platforms

PressPlay Transcription provides broadcast transcription services for a wide variety of media. Our 25 plus years in the industry speaks for itself. We are able to work with audio on television shows, radio broadcasts as well as audio from online media. We have provided expert transcription services for those in the fields of broadcasting, communications, media and even within the field of journalism.

Boost Your SEO Ranking

Companies can benefit a great deal from transcriptions of online platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube. We can even transcribe from videos posted on your websites, making your videos more accessible for those with hearing disabilities. Utilizing our transcription services will make your podcast available to a much wider audience, helping to boost your SEO ranking with Google and other major search engines.

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