Attending a college or university requires listening to long hours of lectures, taking down very detailed notes and hoping you didn’t miss anything. Wouldn’t you rather spend your class time actually listening to what the lecture itself is all about and then gathering all the details later? Far too many students actually miss important information because they are too busy trying to write down all the little and details. The easiest solution to this continuing dilemma is to quite simply record the lecture, then have it transcribed on paper at an affordable price.

Why Academic Transcriptions?

Studies indicate that compared to learning from lectured material, reading will actually double your memory retention. Knowledge is easier to disseminate through textual format. Information students are given through lectures is quite simply stored in short-term memory. If this information is reinforced through text, recollection is more likely.

Expert Academic Transcription Professionals

PressPlay Transcription offers high quality and letter accurate academic transcription services at affordable rates for students, teachers, scholars and professors. In fact, we offer our services for the academically inclined all over the United States.

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