For professional digital transcription call PressPlay Transcription

Digital transcription service is our specialty. Send us your files in your preferred manner and we will transcribe them according to your specific needs (verbatim, edited verbatim, with or without time codes. The completed transcript will be delivered to you via email, usually within 2 days after we receive your file(s).

Digital transcription is interview transcription, mp3 transcription, podcast transcription, seminar transcription, event transcription, as well as TV and radio transcription. We strive to meet your needs with precise formatting, time coding, rapid turnaround – all for a flat rate and no extra costs.

We accept small and large projects. Press Play Transcription will rapidly scale to accommodate large projects and we work with all of our clients, from the artist to the high-tech CEO, in a professional manner.

Competitive, flat-rate transcription prices. With Press Play Transcription you receive high-end transcription service for a low-end price. Let us be your one-stop shop for transcription and CALL us today at (415) 726-2123.

Who Needs Transcription?

Video production companies, Entrepreneurs, Business Coaches, Attorneys, Students, Writers, Bloggers, Marketing professionals, and anyone who has a strong online presence needs transcription.

Transcripts are necessary for paper edits in documentary and film production and we provide transcripts with time code. A transcript is a text file (usually a Word document) of the audio or video – audio to text to put it simply. If you conduct meetings, conferences, seminars and podcasts, having a transcript of the material discussed can be sent to those who participated, or be used as a reference to improve future meetings, conferences, seminars, and so on.

Writers will find interview transcripts helpful in their research process and they can also simply record their story in the format of their choice – and have us transcribe it – while they continue their research and writing!

Attorneys who need interviews or case notes transcribed can be assured that we adhere to strict confidentiality.