1. How Can An Audio Transcription Service Get Your Movie Off The Ground

      If you’re anything of a movie fan, you probably have at least some respect for the original Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was nominated for best picture at the Oscars, it launched a movie franchise, and it featured a young Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, and (a relatively young) John Williams all at their best. And early on it was utter garbage. How do we …Read More

  2. Why It’s So Important For Your Radio Program To Get Your Interview Transcribed By An Online Transcription Service

      It doesn’t matter whether you’re AM, FM, SiriusXM or a podcast...if you have people talking during your program, it’s important to get those words transcribed. Why? Because in this information-based world, there’s always going to be a need for words that are searchable. So why is it so important to transcribe audio to text, and how can it even end up helping your business? Backup: D…Read More

  3. Why You Need The Most Accurate Legal Transcription Service Available

      If you are part of the legal system, you know how important it is to know exactly what was said during depositions, court proceedings, and on trail tapes. That’s why you need PressPlay Transcription. Accuracy - How important is accuracy to you with it comes to any legal document? That’s a ludicrous question, of course. Accuracy is of the utmost importance, because it could make the diff…Read More

  4. Having A Special Guest? Save Time And Effort By Hiring A Professional Transcription Service

      Let’s say you are entertaining a special guest at your company. Perhaps they are a motivational speaker, or a leader in your industry. Someone who is there to help you and to move your company to the next level. Do you want to miss a word? Do you want to risk losing anything he or she said to the scribbled jottings of the average worker? No! You want to record it so that you can reference…Read More

  5. 3 Reasons To Choose An Online Transcription Service

      You may wonder, what are the advantages of choosing an online transcription service? After all, can’t anyone just listen to a recording and type in what’s said? Well, it’s certainly not that easy. Quality: Let’s say you have someone local who does your transcriptions. Are they really that good, or do they simply have one thing going for them...their location. What are the chances th…Read More

  6. Online Transcription: The fastest and most effective way to get the job done

    Online transcription service is the perfect way to take voice to text. We offer competitive prices and we handle all the popular file formats. Anytime you want to get something to text quickly there is no better way to get it done. Online transcription can make your life easier. If you have an interview, lecture, commercial, even a full movie, we can help take that file and turn it to text quickly…Read More

  7. 3 Reasons It’s Important To Use An Online Transcription Service For Your Podcasts

    It’s been over two years since Apple announced that they’d reached a billion podcast subscriptions. Those subscriptions were spread across 250,000 different podcasts, and it’s estimated that one-in-three people in America have listened to a podcast. Podcasting has grown even more in popularity in the last couple of years, and many of them have started making legitimate money. And when someth…Read More

  8. Reasons to Choose a Transcription Service Company Right Here in Fairfax, California

    There are professional transcription services companies located all around the world. In fact, you can just as easily hire a transcription service company from Sweden as easy as you can hire one from right here in Fairfax, California. Both transcribing companies cover interview transcriptions, dictations, academic transcription and legal transcriptions. So then why would you want to go with the c…Read More

  9. There are Several Benefits of Academic Transcriptions, Especially When You Utilize Our Transcribing Services in Fairfax

    There are several benefits of academic transcriptions, especially when you utilize our transcribing services in Fairfax. In essence, a transcribing service will enable a student to capture every word, every nuance of any lecture, questions and answers session or study group. And all of this happens so you can better focus on the event at hand. Look, your hand-written notes can be difficult to deci…Read More